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“Theatre offers a unique way to access a full range of emotions and physical sensations that not only put people in touch with the habitual ‘set’ of their bodies, but also let them explore alternative ways of engaging with life”

- The Body Keeps the Score, Bessel Van Der Kolk MD

Why is theatrical training an invaluable tool for life?

Through theatre techniques, participants learn how to achieve a better understanding of body awareness, vocal techniques and stress management, and to promote creativity, spontaneity and confidence.

Body Awareness

The processes of body and mind are inextricably linked.  Body use affects the mind, and states of mind are reflected physically in the body.  Inhibitions to physical action go hand in hand with indecision in the mind. 

Children’s Games

Most of our adult life is physically and emotionally inhibited. Children’s games are a readily accessible and acceptable framework for releasing physical and emotional energy.  They are associated with pleasure and often delight, that was free from anxiety.  

Vocal Training

The voice is our most powerful tool for communication and instilling confidence.  Yet many of us have untrained voices. Many people have no idea how their voice sounds or how to control the sound that comes out.  Weak, reedy voices or rising inflections can effect how you are portrayed.  Vocal training lets us become aware of where the sound comes from and how to project your voice to the correct volume without straining your vocal cords. 

Conflict Improvisation

Life is filled with conflict.  Our every day dealings with the people we encounter can result in conflict.  We may try to escape conflict, but sometimes it’s unavoidable, especially when other people involved have agendas that are completely different from our own.  It’s in those situations that we must find a way to resolve our conflicts so that we can accomplish our objectives. 

By using conflict improvisation, we can observe the techniques others use to achieve their objectives.  We can also use our imagination and creativity to see ways around the conflict and achieve our own objectives.  Improvisation allows us to become more spontaneous and open to suggestions thus creating a pathway to resolution. 

These classes are subject to numbers. Classes will be no bigger than ten and no smaller than three participants. The cost is $150 for 10 classes. Please register your interest by clicking below. 

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